Wade Trips

-1/2 Day Public Water Trips-

$275 for one person.

$375 for two people.


-Full Day Public Water Trips-

$300 for one person.

$400 for two people.


-Private Water Guided Trips-

$200 Per Person for 2 Hour Session.

$300 Per Person for Half Day Trip.

Half day and Full day wade trips will be on public stocked water, depending on the season but wild water as well. From Boone to Asheville there is plenty of Trout water to be fished. It is said that it would take a persons entire life to fish all the waters in Pisgah National Forest. Early Spring I tend to a majority of my stocked trout fishing. As the weather warms up I start heading towards higher ground in search of colder climates and water. As the heat picks up so does the insect hatching. Summer months tend to be some amazing Dry Fly Fishing especially early morning. I try to let the trout rest around noon depending on location and temperature of water. As Fall starts to creep back around and the Wild Browns and Brookies’ start to spawn and get their colors it sure does make for some absolutely amazing fishing. Once Water Temperatures reach over 70 Degrees we start shifting our focus towards Smallmouth Bass and other warm water Species. Gratuity not Included.


Depending on the season, Early spring I tend to dress for a possible passing shower as the weather warms the lighter I dress. Usually I will wet wade through the summer months. I Generally always wear layers when wading, especially when standing in areas of water for a period of time. Clients will need to supply their own waders and boots and dress accordingly per reported forecast.

Trips Include-

Rod, Reel, Flies, Tippet, Net, Water

Lunch is only included in Full Day Trips.

For anyone who has food allergies please let us know before your trip so we can accommodate your needs!

Call for availability and any questions and Ask us about our Lodging options and availability!

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