Q: Do I need to bring a Fishing License?

A: Yes! anyone who wishes to fish must have a fishing license. I do not supply North Carolina Fishing Licenses.

Q: If weather is bad and I cancel my trip can I get rescheduled?

A: Absolutely, Your trip will be bumped to the next available day that works best for your needs.

Q: If I give a deposit on my trip and end up cancelling my reservation do I get my full refund?

A:Yes you will be refunded, I typically don’t ask for payment till after the trip.

Q: Are we allowed to keep any fish?

A: Unfortunately in order for me and other local guides we need to preserve these waters. When I’m guiding my clients I strictly practice catch and release.

Q: How much do you tip a guide?

A: Tipping is not mandatory but it is appreciated. Between 15% and 20% is a going day rate for a tip.

Q: Will I get Photos of my trip?

A: Of course! I have a DSLR Camera as well as a backup Smartphone!

We Accept Cash, Checks and Credit Cards!

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