Casting Lessons

Fly Casting for Beginners

No matter the type of fishing, the cast is one of the, if not the most crucial step in fishing, especially fly fishing. Casting a fly rod effectively is not the easiest thing to do “right out of the box”. Some anglers have different ways to approach the best way to learn how to cast a fly rod. Either DIY learning or independent research tends to be the most common way of learning. Some need a more hands on experience with an instructor or guide. My goal is to make the new fly fisher in the sport feel comfortable when attending my class and confident when leaving my class. My instructional fly casting classes will cover the general knowledge one will need to know when they attend their next fly fishing adventure either on their own or with a local guide.



(2 Hour Session, up to two people)


(4 hour session, up to two people)

Class Description

Classes will first start on land and end on local pond water, and will be approximately 4 hours. Clinets will have a chance at some local pond water towards the end of the session! We will touch base on rod, reel, line, functions, knot tying, entomology and Flies! We will be going over the basic casting techniques such as Casting Position, Rod Funchtions when Casting, Line Management when Casting and many others like the Double Haul! Rod, Reel, and Line included in class.

2 Day Casting Clinic on Private Water


(For two people, for individual and group rates please call or email)

(Lunch Included on the first day only)

(Gratuity not included.)

Class Description

The two day casting clinic is broken up into two separate days. One day on land and the other on water and will be approximately 4 hours each day. The first day of the clinic will be on land and will consist of rod set up as well rod, reel, and line functions. Also casting intro, knot tying, entomology and flies,casting accuracy and casting practice on private water. The second day is a guided half day float trip on public water, the clinets get to really hone in their skills and actually get to put those skills to the test in real life scenerios! Class will consist of practicing new casting techniques’ such as a roll cast or a spey cast and high sticking! Accuracy will be tested as well as acceleration techniques like the double haul. Rod, Reel, Line included in class. Lunch will be provided on the first day Session. Lunch will be a sandwich, chips and water. If you have food allergies please let us know before your casting clinic so we can accommodate!

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